Monday, June 03, 2013

Sects And Violence

I've been stuck in a Metal kind of mood for a long time. I'm not sure if it has been the strong start to 2013 from Metal bands, but I've had very little motivation to listen to much Hardcore this year. Checking my stats for the past six months, my most listened to bands have been Orange Goblin, Orchid, Fu Manchu, Grand Magus, and The Rival that order. Of my 66 posts for the year, 33% of them have been for Metal/Rock vinyl. Instead of searching eBay for Have Heart variants, I'd started browsing through distros like Last Rights and All That Is Heavy for newer Metal releases. As someone that has always made Hardcore a priority, it was certainly a very strange position to find myself in.

I had noticed my shift in priorities, and chalked it up to a serious lack of strong Hardcore releases this year. Maybe I'd fallen out of touch with what was going on in Hardcore. When I received an email from Grave Mistake Records announcing some of their latest releases, I committed myself to checking out some newer bands that I'd never heard before. Sectarian Violence sounded promising, so I tracked down a download for their newest album, Upward Hostility.

Just a few songs was all it took to knock me in the head and kick my ass. Just like that, my musical attention swung from Metal over to Hardcore. My days were once again spent listening to nothing but stuff like Lights Out, Carry On, and The First Step. Once again, I started crawling through eBay, flirting with financial disaster and adding Hardcore record after Hardcore record to my Watch List. All is right in my world again.

Sectarian Violence are a Straight Edge Hardcore band. This shit is ugly and brutal...blazing fast and reminding me so much of Think I Care/Prisoner Abuse, that I had to check to see if they shared the same singer. I loved what I heard so much that I hit up the Grave Mistake store to pick up the Sectarian Violence package deal with the limited blue vinyl LP, and their first 7 inch.


Bill said...

Sectarian Violence rips. What a great band.

Nice pickups. Love that 7".

Dustin said...

One of my top releases of the year so far. If you think this is fast, check out the singer's other band Coke Bust. That shit is a lot faster and just as good (if not better).

mcs said...

Looked this band up and ordered the LP. Thanks for the tip!

Chris said...

This is going to be on my top ten for the year. It punches you in the face and makes your ears bleed.