Thursday, October 04, 2012

Finally Getting That Supertouch

When I first downloaded and heard the new Supertouch 7 inch last year, I could not have cared less. Yeah, it sounded like a continuation of their track from the Anti-Matter comp from 15 years ago, but I really didn't feel like I needed four more songs of that style.

Still, I held on to the songs. They kept coming up in my 2011 playlist, and over the year, they grew on me a little bit. I've never been a huge fan of Supertouch, but over this past summer, when I found myself obsessed with early 90's Hardcore, I had a sudden appreciation of The Earth Is Flat, and was even spinning those new songs as well. When I found a copy of Lost My Way for about four bucks on eBay, I figured that it was time to commit and buy a copy.

803 coke bottle clear vinyl.


Pim said...

Awesome 7" Mike :) One of my favorites of 2011. Can't wait for the new tracks. The one they already posted sounded great.

Dan Emery said...

this 7" is definitely a continuation of the anti-matter comp track, it's almost a little brit-pop influenced. i could see a lot of people not being able to get into the newer supertouch stuff but i really love that style, so it works for me.

Mike said...

brit-pop? ugggg...I now hate this 7 inch again. :)