Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reissues Of Today

When Revelation started repressing the Youth Of Today vinyl a year ago, I did not expect them to crank them out like they have. Just a couple months after repressing We're Not In This Alone and Break Down The Walls, they give us another one. I've still got a back log of new vinyl to post up here on the blog, so I'm probably the last to write about these, but here they are.

We're Not In This Alone on clear red.

In my last post about the new Break Down The Walls press on red, I joked that blue vinyl was probably next on the repress list. Well, here it is.

When REV started with these YOT reissues, I tried to resist the call. It didn't take long, however, before I was wrapped up in the excitement, and picking up each color they had available. One of the pressings for Can't Close My Eyes, from last year, was this odd looking purple and grey marble mix. I grabbed a copy, and didn't think much of it...until I saw Dobek's write up of all the different pressings of this record. Holy shit, his photo of five different shades from this grey/purple pressing looked amazing.

I was on ebay recently looking around for some new YOT vinyl, and I stumbled upon a shade that looked very different from the grey one that I had initially received. This one was more of a pink/purple blend, so I pulled the trigger on the Buy It Now option.

I don't typically get caught up in slight color variations, but this one was strong enough to get me interested. Finding the blue shade of this pressing would be pretty sweet.

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