Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lived And Learned

I mentioned it a few months ago, but Justice has become my newest obsession. I keep returning to the band's catalog, and spinning those records again and again. Of course, with this obsession comes an overwhelming need to buy more of their records, so I started scouring eBay every few days...desperate to find more Justice vinyl.

There were only 102 pressed on clear for Six Feet Under Records...wait, let me repeat two important facts...102 pressed...Six Feet Under why was I able to win this on eBay for only $3.25? With low pressing numbers, and Six Feet Under's high profile, I figured this would command a higher price than that. Do people really care that little about this record?

After picking up the clear vinyl copy, I hit up the Six Feet Under store to grab the black vinyl. 753 pressed.


Across Your Face said...

I've been digging these guys lately too. What a great cheap pick up!

JAMES ANKA said...

Great blog. I added you as a neighbour collection. Here is my link.

luciferyellow said...