Friday, January 27, 2023

OMDB Farewell

After picking up a handful of 7 inches at Wanna Hear It, it was time to venture over to see if there was any action in the LP section. After a quick glance of the more expensive records that were on the wall (and was tempted to pick up that Sheer Terror album), I started to check to see if there was something available that was more in my price range for the day.
Over My Dead Body were a straight edge band out of Southern California in the early 2000's, and they were a pretty big deal for me at the time. I kind of forgot about them for a ten year stretch, but in 2021 I rediscovered them and had such a great time listening to those records that I immediately set out to collect some OMDB vinyl. I quickly grabbed a couple copies of their first album, but haven't made any other moves until I saw another record in the bins at Wanna Hear It.
When the band played their last show in 2004, they created 100 special Farewell Show covers to wrap around the Sink Or Swim album. Man, I love the look of red and black on white cover. Definitely my favorite find of the day.
The Discogs listing for this Farewell Show cover doesn't have any photo listed, and since I've never done a deep dive into the internet for it, I've never known what it looked like until I found this copy in the store... and that was super exciting for me. The first time that I saw the cover was when I was holding it in my hand. That doesn't happen very often these days. Initially, I was tempted to quickly load a picture to the Discogs listing, but the more that I think about it, the more I want to keep it a Discogs mystery.


Willem Termote said...

Yes, you are most likely right about Discogs. I don't upload my finds up there anymore. In the beginning I was in doubt and gave it a try, nowadays I think differently.

mcs said...

The annoying thing about this is that I passed on this thinking that I already had it... but it turns out that I don't. Damnit.