Sunday, July 28, 2019

Great White

As I was digging into some hair metal albums that I'd ignored back in the 80's, I came across Great White. I remembered enjoying the song Face The Day back in '86, but I never bothered to check out more from the band.

When I started to do some research and check out the Great White discography, I was surprised to see they had released a couple of records in the early 80's. I'm quite sure that if I'd heard their Out Of The Night EP from '83 or their self titled album from '84, I would have been all over these records as much as I was with Krokus, Dokken, and Ratt from that same time period. This is just some straight up metal, and falls perfectly in place with a lot of what I've been spinning this year.

Turnaround was quick on this record. I downloaded the songs back in April, and must have been so excited about what I heard that I was placing a winning bid on eBay for the vinyl the following day.

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