Tuesday, July 09, 2019

NWOBHM Sweet Tooth

Goddamn. Things have been incredibly busy the past month or so. I'm months behind on blog posts, and I keep telling myself that it's time to get serious, and to crank out post after post...and then I just find myself trying to find the time. Real life obligations and plans are a bitch.

I'm an idiot. There are stacks of classic New Wave Of British Heavy Metal albums that I still need to add to the collection...Tygers Of Pan Tang, Raven, Tank, Samson...the list goes on and on...yet here I am, obsessing over obscure NWOBHM singles.

One of the singles that I have been hot to pick up was the Sweeties 7 inch from The Handsome Beasts. I mean, this one is worth it for that cover alone. The label definitely had a target audience for this one, and it certainly grabbed my attention.

Both Sweeties and One In A Crowd appear on the Beastiality album, which I still need, but this is still a cool single to own. The Handsome Beasts have more of a ruffian/biker rock style, instead of what I would typically consider the NWOBHM sound, but I'm still liking the dirty vibe of this band...plus I love that classic Heavy Metal Records label!

While I certainly didn't pay this $2.99 price tag, I thought that the Oz Records price tag on the plastic sleeve was a nice touch.

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