Monday, July 22, 2019

AC/DC Single Shakedown

Singles. Singles. Singles. I don't know why I'm suddenly obsessed with them. I've chased a bunch of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal singles, plus some Jethro Tull 7 inches this year, and it has been a blast. When I was picking up the Locomotive Breath single recently, I checked to see what else the seller had for sale, and when I saw a few AC/DC singles, I got excited and bought all of the ones that he had available.

Flick Of The Switch may be the most underrated AC/DC album. It is one of my favorites of the Brian Johnson era, so when I saw the Nervous Shakedown single, it ignited a spark that I might want to collect more of these AC/DC singles.

The winning track on this record is the live version of This House Is On Fire. The core of an AC/DC live set doesn't change very much with each tour, and any new songs tend to get dropped immediately after touring for that to have a live version of a song from the Flick Of The Switch album is a rarity indeed.

One of the big draws for me with the AC/DC singles are the iconic live photos used for the picture sleeve cover. Angus on Brian Johnson's shoulders for the For Those About To Rock single is looking good.

Nothing too exciting on the b-side here, with a live version of Let There Be Rock. It is still a great song, but since the band has probably played it live for every tour since 1977, a live version doesn't feel very special...still it was probably pretty cool to have a recording of Brian singing it back in '81.

Let's Get It Up! Wow. I considered this a deep track on the For Those About To Rock album, so it was surprising to see it was released as a single.

For Those About To Rock was the first AC/DC album I bought as a kid, and so it was a bit nostalgic to see those brown Atlantic labels again.

After picking up the three AC/DC 12 inch singles, I needed one more to make a nice square photo to post to Instagram. I felt that Fly On The Wall is another underrated AC/DC album, so I was on the hunt for a single from that album. When I found the Danger single at a good price, I quickly added it to the collection.

The Danger single from '85 is easily the most boring of the bunch. With the simple cover design, and another album track on the b-side (we don't even get a live version here), it isn't very exciting. Still, I'm pretty happy to have a copy.

This was super fun, so add another quest to the list. I'm looking forward to finding more!

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