Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last Living Dinosaur

I was hesitant to get excited for the new Kadavar record this year. While I loved both their first self titled record, and the follow up, Abra Kadavar, I kind of expected a let down with their third album, Berlin. The band has gotten more exposure over the years, and I was worried they my try and force things to the "next level", and fuck up their heavy 70's Rock sound by injecting their sound with a bit of pop and too much polish.

I was wrong, and thankfully, Kadavar keep that heavy Zeppelin sound alive with this album.

When it came time for me to chase down a copy of this new record, it was released by Nuclear Blast, so of course there were eight different colored vinyl pressings to choose from. Of course I wasn't happy with any of the vinyl options from the Nuclear Blast store in The States. No, I really wanted the red and white split vinyl, since I thought it looked amazing next to the album cover...and this vinyl option was only available from Nuclear Blast's webstore out of Germany. Damn it. That vinyl looked so good, I couldn't pass it up, and I ordered a copy.

Very cool packaging with the sunglasses lens cut out cover, and a couple of different inserts to slide in behind them. Very well done.

500 pressed on red and white split vinyl.

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