Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nuclear Pounder

I caught Nuclear Assault live, earlier this year, on their final tour. Outside of John Connelly keeping his eyes glued to his notebook for the lyrics, the band was on fire, ripping through their set full of Thrash classics. It was a great reminder of just how great this band could be.

Along with their final tour, the band was going to get together and record one more new EP. After seeing that they still could still deliver live, I was excited to pick up the new record as soon as it was available. When preorders went up over at Dry Heave Records, I jumped on it. The label was doing a limited pressing that was only available from them, and their description of the nuclear pattern colored vinyl sounded cool as hell, so I didn't think twice about the overseas shipping.

There was delay after delay in getting the record pressed, and about four months after the preorder, the record finally shipped. I didn't mind the wait, but man, what a let down that special pressing of colored vinyl turned out to be. Worst. Nuclear Pattern. Ever.

100 pressed.

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chris said...

I suppose it could have been worse. It could have been a pic of the band.