Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jesus In A Box

Ever since Sweet Jesus released their demo back in 2012, I have been itching for them to do a proper release. There have been a couple of songs to show up on compilations here and there, but it is good to finally have a piece of vinyl with the band's name on the cover.

Sweet Jesus play a style that is similar to fact on the inside sleeve of this 7 inch, it even directs you to "Now listen to Swiz". Subtlety is not a strong suit for this band. I've always thought that Swiz was a bit underrated, so maybe this helps introduce the band to a new audience. Although it seems that Triple B is far from selling out on even the limited white vinyl, so maybe Sweet Jesus will be the best kept secret from 2014.

330 pressed on white, and 770 pressed on red vinyl.

1 comment:

chris said...

The songs on here are amazing. For some reason my copies haven't arrived yet though. Also can't wait for the lp coming out next year.