Monday, June 30, 2014

Two Song Blood Ceremony

Whoa...I almost came short of double digit posts for this month. I haven't seen numbers that low since 2011, but it has been tough finding the time to update this blog lately. With Summer finally here, I'm hoping that my schedule opens up a little bit, and I have more time to waste on important shit like this blog.

So getting right into it...Blood Ceremony released one of my favorite records last year with The Eldritch Dark. Great Sabbath inspired stuff from this Canadian doom band. I was surprised when I heard that the band were back in the studio so soon, and recording a couple more songs for a new 7 inch. Hey, the more Blood Ceremony, the better.

Perhaps I got myself over-excited with this whole Blood Ceremony 7 inch. I have no problem buying direct from Rise Above when I am grabbing a Die Hard edition for one of their releases...which typically come with something special, and can only be purchased through Rise Above. The shipping costs are a killer, but I like the little extra attention to detail, so I'm okay paying for it. So why did I feel the need to quickly pull the trigger on the limited pressing for this Blood Ceremony record? I don't know...other than the more limited colored vinyl, it would have been the same packaging if I'd just waited and ordered it from a distributor in The States. Could have saved a bit of money, but I guess some habits are hard to break.

The clear vinyl was limited to only 100.

The two songs on this record though, are classic Blood Ceremony. The band can do no wrong at this point.

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Sean said...

Have been meaning to get my hands on their last album. Good stuff.