Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Think Twice Test

Sometimes I'm easily influenced. On February 12th, I saw that Anger Battery put some test pressings up in their store. The label was looking for some extra cash to help fund future projects, and while I wanted to help out, I convinced myself to save my money and walk away.

On the 24th, Marcus posted about the two tests that he had bought.

By the 27th, I had placed my order for the one remaining test press that Anger Battery had available.

Yes, just seeing that Marcus picked up a couple of tests, was enough to break my will. Actually, I was pretty surprised that the label still had any of the test pressings available. I grabbed a couple copies of the Think Twice 7 inch last year...great I was happy to get the test pressing for this one as well. Thanks for the push, Marcus.

Number 3 of 13.


mcs said...

I'm sure your wife wouldn't thank me. Over the years I've probably influenced you into spending quite a lot of the household income on stuff you were trying to avoid.

Mike said...

Yeah, she pretty much thinks you're a dick.

mcs said...

Haha! No doubt I got the blame for that In My Eyes 7" you paid big for too.