Thursday, April 04, 2013

Another Answer

Back in 2010, Doug posted on his blog that he owned 22 copies of the three records from The Answer. As I mentioned in my Circle Jerks post, I love crazy over the top goals, so I knew that I had to make a run at this one.

I haven't been too focused or determined in building my collection for The's just one of those things that I slowly chip away at. Sure I regret some eBay losses because I didn't bid high enough, but I've resigned myself to the fact that this collection will be a marathon and not a sprint.

I've been trying to avoid eBay recently, and keep my record spending under control, but curiousity got the best of me when Six Feet Under recently put up a ton of records on eBay. SFU listed a bunch of records from Matt Pike of Some Kind Of Hate, and once I saw a few records from The Answer in there, I knew that I would be placing bids before the auctions ended.

The only one that I walk away with, however, was this copy of You Had Your Chance on grey vinyl. Limited to 1,000. Six down, sixteen more to go.


mcs said...

Limited to 1000? I have this one listed as being out of 100.

Also, I just checked and I have 7 The Answer 7"s. Quite how there can be 22 is beyond me.

Mike said...

Oh, maybe it is 100. The eBay listing mentioned it was out of 1,000, and I assumed they knew what they were talking about.