Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Atari 5.0

Back when I was looking for that "big purchase" last month, I stumbled upon an eBay lot of five Atari 7 inches. Since I only had one piece of Atari vinyl, and it wasn't listed in this lot, I figured that I'd make a run at it and try to score it for cheap. Yeah, $10 was too good a deal to walk away from.

The We'll Be Fighting record from Atari is pure mid to late 90's Youth Crew revival perfection. Such a great record. I'm glad to finally have a copy with the videogame cover. Man, how many hours did I burn with Pitfall on my Atari 2600? 500 pressed on black vinyl.

Included in this lot was a second We'll Be Fighting record. Another cover that I didn't have.

200 pressed on green vinyl with the green cover.

Included on the split with Carpenter Ant is the first song that Atari wrote, Joystick Fury. Meh, it's okay...and the Carpenter Ant side isn't going to see many spins either.

Atari's second 7 inch, Too Tired To Drive Home, isn't nearly as strong as their first. It is still pretty good, but doesn't have the same memorable hooks that grabbed with their first one. I'm glad to finally have a copy of this on vinyl.

Finally, we have Atari's Skate Tuff demo 7 inch. Amazing that they could have such a strong showing with We'll Be Fighting, and yet nothing else really grabs me...including their demo. It is all okay, but man, that first 7 inch was great. 702 pressed on black Vinyl

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