Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Two Song Remission

With an incredible Verbal Assault influence, Remission were one of my favorite bands from the past few years. Their Winds Of Promise 7 inch, plus the split with Police & Thieves shot to the top of my Best of 2011 list, and I was looking forward to what the band would do next. My expectations were high for the new Pain Understood 7 inch. Produced by Don Fury, I was prepared to fall in love.

When a new song was posted on Remission's bandcamp page, I couldn't wait to check it out. Whoa, what the fuck is this? I wasn't expecting this. Remission have slowed things down and decided to rock out. Disappointing to say the least. I listened to the song one time, and moved on. Still, I loved Remission, so I didn't want to completely write it off. When it was available, I still felt the need to order the record from REVHQ.

This record doesn't come close to their past greatness, but after spinning it a few times, it is starting to grow on me. The songs sound more like something off 411's This Isn't Me LP, and less like Verbal Assault. Bands grow and change. It isn't always a good thing, but with Remission, I think that I may be okay with it.


mcs said...

I wasn't overly into the React! 7" that you recommended. But this new one sounds more up my street. Anything that sounds like the 411 LP is cool in my book.

Mike said...

Yeah, I listen to these new songs, and I can hear Dan O sing them. They are really growing on me...even though I like the older Remission stuff more.