Saturday, March 09, 2013

Give On White

I've been a little slow to hunt down those special covers for the Give 7 inches, but I'm not going to hesitate on any new vinyl. When Deranged Records put up the North American pressing of the Singles Going Confetti LP, I was on it.

With only 100 pressed on white vinyl, I'm kind of surprised that this color hasn't sold out yet. Then again, shipping cost more than one record, so maybe it isn't that big of a mystery.

400 pressed on black.

To differentiate itself from Assault Records Euro pressing, Deranged gives us plenty of changes. The most obvious is the white lettering on the cover.

Deranged also goes with a different photo on the back cover. There is a lot of hair in this band.

Finally, while Assault gives us a nice insert, Deranged goes with a nice brightly colored dust cover for the vinyl. Well done.

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