Friday, January 31, 2014

If You Have Ghost

Ghost always choose the strangest songs to cover. With the first album, they recorded Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles, as a bonus track. For the Secular Haze single, they had ABBA's I'm A Marionette as the B side. I enjoyed both songs, but how do I feel about an EP of covers?

The first album was epic, and the second one was a worthy follow up. This EP fails to excite me. I've been a huge fan of Ghost's satanic gospel, and their covers are great when they are tacked on to the end of an album, but five of them in a row is a bit too much. I don't want to say that they have jumped the shark, but while I do enjoy these songs, I'm not entirely comfortable with them. I don't just seems like a cheesy joke.

Still this isn't terrible, and I find the packaging to be well done...even if it does kind of compliment the whole record as tongue in cheek. Strange that the record includes a live version of Secular Haze, but not Here Comes The Sun, which hasn't seen a proper release outside of Japan.

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