Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Peace Of Gold

Back when REACT! released the Peace 7 inch a couple years ago, I remember seeing a picture of a gold vinyl pressing. I'm not sure what the deal was with them, but at the time, REACT! was known for pressing a limited run of 100 for the band to do with as they pleased. For the Peace 7 inch, gold was the color that was unavailable to the buying public.

So, back when I had seen the picture of that gold vinyl, I desperately wanted one. I would have spent big bucks to get one at the time. But you know how it goes, time moves on...some records move up the Want List, while you forget about others.

When I saw the gold vinyl show up on eBay recently, it reminded me that I never did get my hands on one. I knew that it was time to finally make my move.

I'm a big fan of most things that REACT! has done over the last six years, but this Peace record has to be in my top 5 from the label. To score this gold vinyl copy for about $10, makes it all the more sweet.

All this picture does is remind me that I'm missing the Record Store Day cover and the test pressing. When it comes to collecting, I'm never at peace.


chris said...

Nice score! I was keeping an eye on that and for some reason I didn't bid on it. Now I gotta get off my butt and find one!

Across Your Face said...

GREAT find! I totally agree on this record, it is a modern classic. From the first line of vocals on "Be Here Now", I knew this was a special record. I avoided it for too long because of the weird cover and band name, thus missing out on most the cool pressings... What a jackass.

Mike said...

Dudes from The First Step, Mindset, and Praise. They could have called themselves Truckstop Handjob, packaged it in a plain white dust sleeve, and I would have still been forced to check them out. You can't ignore a line up like that!

Thanks for not bidding, Chris. Probably saved me a load of money. :)

Geoff Lowry said...

I have the RSD variant. Ballpark on cost? I would love to keep it but Rent is coming.

J@screamingforrecords said...

So when are we forming Truckstop Handjob??