Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ocean Of Mercy

Back in '91, Smorgasbord Records released the Voice Of The Voiceless comp. It was filled with a bunch of my favorite bands of the time, including Endpoint, Majority of One, Encounter, Split Lip, and Outspoken, all doing songs dedicated to vegetarianism. I listened to the shit out of that record.

One of the bands on that comp was Discipline. They were pretty good, but were a bit overshadowed by the other bands on there. They soon changed their name to Ocean Of Mercy, and the following year they released a great 7 inch on Doghouse's offshoot label, Oasis Records. I'm not really sure why Doghouse felt the need to create Oasis...probably just emulating what Revelation was doing with Crisis. Either way, Ocean Of Mercy was a great step up from Discipline. Classic early 90's Hardcore.

I'm not sure, but this may be only available on dark burgundy colored vinyl.


luciferyellow said...

Mike, thanks for the download link. I loved that 7" back in the day.

partucci said...

i have this record he is awesome