Monday, January 27, 2014

Undiscovered Vision

2013 was winding down, and looking at the recent records that I had piling up, I realized that I'd gone a little overboard with the Metal. What can I say? I go where the mood strikes me. Still, things seemed out of balance. A perfectly timed, cheap eBay win helped change the tide. Bringin' back the 'core.

Vision may not seem like an amazing Hardcore band to most people. However, hearing In The Blink Of An Eye when I first started getting into hardcore secured it as one of the underrated Hardcore greats alongside Billingsgate, early Endpoint, and early Majority Of One. Classics.

My Vision vinyl collection is pretty much non-existent, so when I realized that their second 7 inch sells rather cheaply, I made my move to pick one up. It may not be the most exciting record, but I'm glad that I've finally got one.


chris said...

What the crap! I also did a Vision post. Great minds and all that...haha

mcs said...

An original first press of this on green vinyl is my current biggest want. It's impossible to find.

Mike said...

Good info, Marcus. I couldn't find any info on this, and was wondering if it was only pressed on black.

mcs said...

Yeah, first press was on New Scene Records and some were green. I've only seen one on eBay ever and I didn't win it. Someone offered me one for $150 in December but I thought that a bt too much.