Sunday, January 12, 2014

When Your Only Option Is A Test Press

Back in 2010, Dead End Records put up preorders for the new split 7 inch between Outlast and Reveal The Truth. Both of them were up and coming Straight Edge bands...each had released a demo the year before and were starting to make some noise in the Hardcore scene. I was looking forward to this split, and I ordered 3 or 4 different pressings from the label. The guy that was running Dead End, then proceeded to not send any of the records out, and he fucked over everyone that ordered a copy. Those records are probably still sitting in a closet at his parents house. Douche.

Apparently some of the vinyl did make it out, as I was able to score this test pressing off eBay. Since this may be the only way to ever obtain this record, I'll gladly take it. I wish that I had thought to ask the seller how he came to get his hands on this record when I won it three months ago.


Positive and Focused said...

Ha! I have been searching for this record for years and last year I also got one on eBay. I have Testing #1/20 plus a copy on red wax.

Mike said...

I saw those when they were up on eBay, but didn't have the money to make a run at them at the time. Great score. I'm not sure which might be more rare, the test press or the red vinyl with the regular cover. Ha!