Saturday, September 25, 2021

React To Profile

Last month, Triple B released a mammoth of a compilation record with America's Hardcore Volume 5. There are 39 songs on this thing, and my initial reaction was "Get the fuck out of here". I had zero interest in digging into a comp that had that many bands. It was overwhelming. When Doug mentioned that he was giving it a spin on Spotify (which thankfully trims this down to 29 songs), I figured that I'd join him for the ride and queued it up as well. There were eight bands there that I was familar with, so it was cool to listen to new songs from them, but there were also a few surprises as well. One of the bands that this comp introduced me to was Profile.
When I heard the Profile song on the AHC Vol 5 comp, I figured that I'd dig in and see if they had released anything else. To my surprise, I discovered that they had released a 7 inch on React Records back in 2016.
I was a huge fan of React Records since the start of the label in 2007, and pretty much bought every single pressing I could get my hands on for just about every single release they did. Around 2016, I was struggling to stay interested in newer hardcore bands and I stopped trying to keep up...and that included the React bands. This indifference caused me to miss out on the Profile record. I may be five years too late, but this is a solid hardcore record, and that old React collector itch was back as I picked up multiple copies. The pink vinyl looks amazing. Limited to 150.
Seeing the record release cover version of this 7 inch on Discogs for a cheap price really helped to solidify my need to buy multiple copies.
Number 14 of 50 made for this one.
React Record typically did a special Record Store Day cover for some of their records and sold them through the Celebrated Summer record store in Baltimore. In 2017 the label did RSD covers for the Profile 7 inch. I felt extremely lucky to find that a Discogs seller had one available for under $5.
Number 34 of 50 made for Record Store Day.
I've been listening to a lot of newer hardcore bands for the past couple of years and this is the result. Three copies of a record that I ignored back when it was released. I guess that sometimes a good compilation does it's job.

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