Wednesday, February 19, 2020

So Moved

Last year I picked up the Hammered Hulls 7 inch, and quite enjoyed it. With Alec MacKaye on vocals the comparisons to his classic bands from the 80's was inevitable, and it got me reaching for those older albums...until I realized that I didn't own a single Ignition record.

I love the Ignition stuff, so I jumped on Discogs to see what damage I could do, and surprisingly I was able to pick up the Machination album for only $11. I guess that if you aren't buying from the early Dischord catalog, you'll find that prices are reasonable. Might have to make a move to pick up The Orafying Mysticle Of... soon as well.

I was late to the Ignition party, and didn't bother checking them out until the mid-90's, after Dischord released that Complete Services CD with all of the band's songs. Happy to finally have some of the vinyl in my collection.

Includes a nice big fold out lyric sheet poster.


mcs said...

I only own one of their 7"s. A band I tried a couple of times to get into but it never quite clicked. This post has inspired me to try again...

Mike said...

I'm honestly surprised each time that you mention that you've never gotten into this band.