Sunday, June 09, 2019

Thirty Years Older... 1989

I love reconnecting with older albums that I'd long forgotten about. Some albums end up getting pushed aside to collect dust at the back of the collection, and it feels like you'll never need to listen to it again...but then somehow that album ends up on your radar, and it sinks its fucking hooks into you and won't let go.

While I enjoyed Gang Green through the late 80's and saw them open for Social Distortion at The Living Room in Providence...getting kicked out of the club for stagediving when Gang Green played Another Wasted Night) we moved through the 90's, I kind of wrote off those crossover albums from the band. A couple of years ago, I was reminded just how good You Got It was when I was reviewing my 1987 playlist, and the same kind of thing happened this year when I queued up the Older... Budweiser album from '89.

I was surprised by just how much I loved revisiting this record. So much fun...and one of my favorite rediscoveries from 1989.

Initially, when I was recently looking to buy a copy, I picked one up from a US seller for a good price, however, when the record arrived, I didn't think it was worth the VG+ rating that the seller had given it. I was disappointed with the condition, and the seller was cool with it, and refunded the money provided that I send it back to him. Man, I don't usually complain about the condition of records that I buy, and letting it go was a tough call, but I immediately was on the hunt for another copy, and found an overseas seller with a bunch of cool shit available, so I loaded up my cart, and soon had my hands on a nice looking copy...which included a cool merchandise insert. Good deal.

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