Monday, June 17, 2019

The Mayhem Continues...

While I haven't been that interested in compilations in the past, I've kind of come around to some of them in recent years. The Metal Massacre series have always captured my attention, but lately I've been interested in old New Wave Of British Heavy Metal comps, and I've also added the Speed Kills series to the list of compilations that I want in my collection.

When I was picking up a few records from an overseas seller on Discogs, I noticed that they had Speed Kills II available, and I quickly added it to the growing number of records in my cart.

I already own volume I and III in the Speed Kills series, so it felt good to fill the hole where number two would be.

Volume I and III were both filled with some big time thrash names. Number one had all the heavy hitters, with Metallica, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Venom and Megadeth...and even number three had Death, Possessed, Death Angel and Nuclear Assault...but number two in the series seems to have more of an underground vibe with Anthrax being the only big name on here (although I guess you could make a case for Sodom and Helloween). There were just more bands that I'd never heard before, like Living Death, Iron Angel and lesser known bands like Razor and Whiplash, and it kind of makes this one feel a bit more special.

Like the other two Speed Kills records that I own, I love the charm and character of the summary for each band.

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