Thursday, June 20, 2019

Call Of The Wild

I've been having a blast checking out some of those old 80's hair metal records that I ignored the first time around...and revisiting some long forgotten classics. That's the headspace that I've been in for a while now, and when I was checking out some vinyl community videos on youtube recently, someone mentioned the band Circus Of Power. I'd never heard of them before, but since I was hungry to discover some long lost bands from that era, I quickly dug up a download of the band's first album to check it out.

No exaggeration...I fucking love this record. After downloading it, I queued it up for some morning four mile runs, and it quickly had it's hooks in me. This was not the hair metal that I was light weight pop metal has more of that late 80's sleazy dirty blues sound, which hits all the right buttons for me. I was floored with how great these songs were, and it has easily become the most listened record for me so far this year.

Finding a seller that had this available, still in the plastic wrap with the hype sticker, for about $6 made my year. Definitely a long lost treasure.

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