Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Start Today

A few years ago, my record collecting game elevated to a new level when I started taking a nice piece of my annual bonus from work, and flipping that straight into a record that I might not have been able to afford otherwise. When I started this process, I had my sights set on crossing a Black Sabbath UK Vertigo swirl pressing from my Want List each year. Chasing those Sabbath records really pushed the envelope on what I was willing to spend on a record, and having completed that Vertigo collection last year, it meant that my options were wide open for 2017.

I was really looking forward to adding another big ticket item to the collection, but honestly, there were so many options, I had no idea where to start. As I was sweating my decision, I got an offer to buy Bringin' It Down on green. In all the years that I've been collecting records, I never thought this was a serious possibility...until now. Now I had a very real chance of making it happen...and then I fucked it up. I knew I was coming in low with my offer, and the dude said he'd consider it, but wanted to give it a week. My offer was fair, and I was counting on the recent REV reissues to drive down the price a bit, but I shouldn't have been surprised when someone else came in and took it with a better offer.

After having the Judge record pulled out from under me, I was lost. I had my heart set on getting it, and I was kicking myself for not offering a bit more to seal the deal. With no other copies in sight, I committed to hunting down another REV treasure. When I found Gorilla Biscuits' Start Today on purple on discogs, I jumped on it. With over 1,000 pressed on this color, it still manages to command a "don't fuck with me" price.

Given that the only copy of Start Today that I'd owned was the anniversary pressing on glow-in-the-dark vinyl, it felt great to finally add a legit piece of Hardcore history to the collection with this purple vinyl pressing.

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mcs said...

Hey, HUGE score here! Good work lad! I was after one for years. Missed out on a couple but eventually traded one from someone for a purple Redemption 87 LP!