Sunday, November 08, 2015

Life's A Beach

Night Birds do Punk just the way I like it...lightening fast and sounding like they came straight outta southern California in 1980.

As soon as they released the video for the title track, Mutiny At Muscle Beach, I gave it a quick check and then settled in to wait for pre-orders to go up over at Fat Wreck.

The video was a great teaser for the record, and the album follows the same frantic pace that Night Birds are known for.

Night Birds don't do colored vinyl, and it is a refreshing change to not have to worry about chasing 6 different pressings if you want to collect them. Nope, if you want the limited version, you've got to get in early and get the special cover.

Number 348 out of 500 for preorders.

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chris said...

Totally forgot to get the special cover. The record is awesome though!