Sunday, November 15, 2015

Give Me Fire

In addition to picking up the vinyl for all the new 2015 releases before the year's end, I also was hell bent on completing one other goal. I needed to finish my collection of the early G.B.H. singles on Clay Records.

Earlier this year, I became interested in early 80's Metal and Punk 7 inches, and suddenly I had G.B.H. on my radar. I picked up a couple here, and a couple there, but then I hit a couple stumbling blocks trying to get my hands on the final piece to the puzzle...the Give Me Fire/Man-Trap single.

Over the summer, I tried to pick this single up from a couple different sellers through the discogs marketplace. Each time, I ended up empty handed, and I eventually gave up on it, moving on to other things. Last month, a conversation with Doug pushed G.B.H. back to the front of my mind. We were talking about early 80's punk bands like Zero Boys, Angry Samoans and The Exploited, and before I knew it, I was back on discogs, determined to pick up that last G.B.H. single that I needed.

Of all the G.B.H. singles, I was most excited to get the one for Give Me Fire, as I'd never heard the b-side, Man-Trap. I love finding hidden treasures like this.

My complete collection of the GBH Clay punk singles...well, until I decide to grab the 12 inch pressing for Do What You Do and the black and red cover of the Sick Boy 7 inch.

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J@screamingforrecords said...

Those look great.