Thursday, February 05, 2015

Electric Flower Circus

After a 12 inch EP and a string of 7 inch records that, Give seemed like they could do no wrong. They played with honesty and integrity, had a sound that felt like they could have been on Dischord records back in the late 80's alongside Gray Matter and Soulside, and yet they still remained unique and had their own identity. In the current scene, there is no one like Give.

With their first full length album, and a release on Revelation Records on the horison, I eagerly awaited what the band had to offer.

Now as much as I love Give, I've always been a bit slow to warm up to their stuff. Sure, I like the Electric Flower Circus LP, and as much as I want to lose my mind over this record, it ain't happening. I love the aesthetic...I love the sound...but as a whole the album feel like it comes up a little short for me. See me in 6 months, and my opinion might be different.

I do love the personal touch with the note from the band.

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