Sunday, February 08, 2015

Psych Splits

I listened to a lot of Mos Generator last year, and their Electric Mountain Majesty album ended up as one of my favorites of 2014. When singer/guitarist, Tony Reed, posted on Facebook that he had a few copies available of a new split that his band did with Isaak, I jumped at the chance to buy a copy from him. Since it was released overseas, on some Italian label, I figured I'd take advantage of the opportunity, and save myself the hassle of trying to track one there is something more cool about buying your records direct from a guy in the band.

Mos Generator typically takes a straight forward, hard rockin' approach, but these songs take things in a more atmospheric and darker direction. I love reading Tony's stories on how these songs took shape, and the influences behind them. He mentions a Voivod influence with Time & Other Thieves, and there is no denying, this thing sounds like it could have come off Nothingface. Very cool. I struggled a bit with these songs when I first heard them, but the more I listen to them, the more I like them.

I'd never heard Isaak prior to this song that they recorded for the split, but this epic 14 minute trip captures my interest. At some point, I'll have to check out their LP from a couple years back.

I really like Stone, I mean that I fucking LOVE Stone Axe. I listened to the shit out of their two albums last year, and I've been looking forward to the opportunity to grab this split they did with Wight. With Tony and Heavy Head selling a limited amount of the Mos Generator/Isaak split, I decided that while I was in the webstore, I'd grab a copy of the Stone Axe split as well. These songs aren't as strong as some of their other stuff, and are a bit more laid back, but it is still Stone Axe, so it is still cool.

The Wight side of this split features two laid-back trippy stoner jams. At first these songs didn't really excite me, but the more I listened to them, I realize that they aren't supposed to...this is more like something you listen to when you need to just tune out and chill, and I can dig that.

100 pressed on white with pink splatter vinyl.


xtinox said...

that cover to the mos generator/isaak split looks absolutely ace! love this sci-fi comic style approach.

Mike said...

Agreed! I love the look of that cover too.