Tuesday, February 24, 2015

REACT! Week - Part 1: True Love

After getting a big box of records from REACT! Records recently, I knew it was time to celebrate at the blog with another round of REACT! Week posts. Break out the party hats, throw your TV out the window, and lets get loose.

It seemed like most kids were rocking their True Love vinyl late last year...but since I ordered the big package deal, I figured that there were pieces that the label was waiting on. Ev and crew were probably dealing with pressing plant errors and delays, and I didn't want to add to that stress, so I just sat back with confidence that they were doing the best they could. Why get uptight waiting for your order to arrive? I just grabbed a download to tide me over until the vinyl arrived.

This record looks so good, it was worth the wait. Great layout, and a cool color combo with the vinyl.

Similar to the A Floral Note EP, True Love continue with their sound that would fit in nicely with the Hardcore scene around 2000, and draws comparisons to American Nightmare. While I'm not typically big on this style, this 12 inch is full of emotion and just rips. Great stuff.

150 pressed on mint colored vinyl, 350 on pink, and 500 on black.

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