Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fuck War

While I was over at the REVHQ store, picking up the new Give EP, I was on the look out for something else to add to the cart. I saw the Longest War 7 inch, and seemed to remember a few people talking about how great it was, so I took the chance and added it to my cart.

Longest War is fronted by the dude from Chokehold, and backed by a couple guys from is like a 90's hardcore wet dream. Man, these guys haven't missed a beat...the guitars still crunch and the vocals are absolutely vicious. It is pretty awesome that people still get this angry over these issues. "Pay for the oceans you kill, pay for the death you spill". I'm just sitting here hoping for a hardcore band to come along and scream about how much of a pain in the ass it can be to raise teenagers, as that is the extent of my rage these days.

Oh sure, I could have picked up a more limited copy of this record over at Press Gang, but in the end, I guess I just didn't care enough, and the black vinyl press from REV was good enough for me.

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massivewaste said...

It's a great record. Preordered it when Marcus reviewed it. So probably i cared enough at that time ..