Wednesday, February 25, 2015

REACT! Week - Part 2: Suspect

Yeah, yeah...I was happy to receive the True Love pre-orders, but for me, this package was all about Suspect.

I'm not sure exactly why I was so hot on this release...perhaps it had something to with with the fact Suspect had ties to Deep Sleep, and I fucking loved that band.

The band have a harder edge than Deep Sleep, and that is cool with me. Fast and frantic harcore...this is the good shit.

The Suspect record was the cause of the delays with the pre-order package deal from React!, but in the end, all is forgiven because this record is a blast. I love the way this thing looks...from the design, to that sweet looking orange vinyl. In fact, the whole thing seems kind of fresh for the label, and looking ahead at what they have coming down the pike...I couldn't be more excited.

150 on orange colored vinyl, 350 on clear, and 500 on black vinyl.

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