Friday, February 15, 2013

Mind Over Matter

Last year, I found myself unable to get enough of those early 90's Hardcore bands. That time was special for me, the bands were unique, and I found myself spinning lots of Bad Trip, Eye For An Eye, Kingpin, and Black Train Jack. I was obsessed with these bands, and started looking for bands that I may have missed the first time around. That was when I discovered Mind Over Matter.

I'd heard their name mentioned "back in the day", but I'd never bothered with them. During my search for new early 90's bands, I started looking at the Wreckage label. Hey, they had Bad Trip and that first Die 116 record, so Mind Over Matter might be worth checking out. I managed to find a download of their first two 7 inches, plus a live radio set from '92, and I was hooked.

I kept checking eBay, but for months I came up empty with my search. I finally struck gold six months later with an auction that contained both of the records I was looking for...the self titled debut from 1992, and Hectic Thinking from 1993. As the only bidder, I won them for the opening price of $9.00.


mcs said...

Good band. The two LPs are good too. Also, for information purposes, the LPs are much easier to find on color wax than the 7"s. These 7"s on color are a pretty tough find. Or at least, they used to be.

Mike said...

I'm always surprised how rare that even Wreck-age black vinyl shows up on eBay. When I saw these two, I didn't want to let them pass me by. Colored vinyl must be damn near impossible to find.

mcs said...

I picked up these two 7"s on color at some point. I think I must have got them in the late 90s via the Rev trade board. But I remember at some point in the last few months seeing the second 7" on pink vinyl on ebay. I watched it for a few days because I kinda felt sorry for it. I didn't want it to languish on ebay and sell for fuck all. So even though I already had it, I almost bought it again. Unluckily for you though, I didn't win it. Sorry!