Saturday, February 09, 2013

Damaged Noize

Marcus recently posted about completing his Black Flag colored LP collection, and then Doug followed it up with a post of his original pressings for the Black Flag 7 inches. Suddenly, I found myself feeling a bit inadequate...kind of like Hank with the one and a half...and needing to buy some Black Flag vinyl.

When Doug posted on Vinyl Noize about an auction that was up for an original pressing of the Damaged LP it felt like it was my turn to step up and get serious with some Black Flag vinyl. This wasn't just any copy either. No. This one had the "Anti-Parent" sticker on the back.

The problem was that this record was featured on Vinyl Noize. Doug's write up was enough to catch my attention, but I probably wasn't alone in my interest for this record. Now I don't really know how much this pressing normally goes for, but it just so happened that I found another copy on eBay that ended a couple of days after the one that got the VN spotlight.

The Vinyl Noize copy sold for over $100. The copy that I picked up was $36. Gimmie gimmie gimmie.

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