Sunday, February 17, 2013


I like to think that I keep with the new bands in the hardcore scene. I buy a bunch of new vinyl each year from Hardcore bands that are starting to make some noise, and as an old guy in the scene, I feel confident that I've got my hand on the pulse of what is going on. So when someone as out of touch as Marcus picked up the new America's Hardcore compilation before I did, I knew that it was time to stop dragging my feet, and finally buy a copy.

I'd been slow to buy the new America's Hardcore comp. Mainly this was because I've been trying to limit my spending recently, and since I'm not going to collect all available pressings, I was in no great rush to get in early to order a copy.

The first America's Hardcore comp was very well done, and filled with some great bands, but's a comp, and I have a hard time getting excited for a compilation record. Either way, I'm glad that Marcus inadvertently kicked me in the ass, because like the first one, Volume 2 is damn impressive.

Sure there is some shit on here that I couldn't care less about...Ringworm and Shipwreck...but with bands like Bane, Sweet Jesus, Disengage, and Beware, the good far outweigh the bad. The biggest surprise for me on this comp was Boston Mayhem. I had no idea who was in this band. Crucial John from Give, Pete from In My Eyes, Pat Flynn from Have Heart/Clear, Doug Free from Free Spirit/Rival Mob, and Sam Triple B...damn...we better get more than one song from this band. No doubt, it rules.

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