Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Decadence In The Graveyard

Each Graveyard album takes a while to grow on me, but after sitting with them for some time, they tend to blow my mind. That was certainly the case with Hisingen Blues, and after my intial tepid response with Lights Out in 2012, that album ended being a favorite of mine for a while.

After three albums under their belt, I thought that I had Graveyard figured out. I knew their sound inside and out, and they weren't going to catch me off guard with Innocence and Decadence. I was prepared to be sucked in from the first spin.

First off, let me say that this dude has a killer voice....and there are times it borders on a Jim Morrison level of sexy. If you could make his voice a physical thing, and slap a set of tits on it...I'd sleep with it. That voice sounds so good on songs like The Apple & The Tree, that it gets me a little wet. The Graveyard US tour has a stop in Portland this January...look for me...I'll be the one down front, throwing my panties at the singer.

Overall, I still think that this new album falls short of their last couple of records. A couple of the songs just fall flat for me. Too much R&B soul influence in Too Much Is Not Enough, and Stay For A Song is too close to a ballad, and I just don't dig them and they drag the album down a couple of notches. Who knows, maybe they will grow on me in time.

500 pressed on the green/orange split colored vinyl.

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Anonymous said...

They are pretty awesome. Listening to Ain't Fit to Live Here on Hisingen Blues and I love it. I actually didn't expect this sound, but I'm happy I checked it out.