Saturday, August 24, 2019

It's Only Failed Entertainment

While I was in the Triple B store picking up that One Step Closer EP, I saw that they had the new Fury album available as well. I really liked their Paramount record from a few years back, so I figured that I'd pick up their new one while I was buying new hardcore know, to make me feel a bit more relevant.

While this is definitely a hardcore record, in no way is this the generic standard hardcore sound. I've listened to this record a number of times, and I'm still trying to unpack this thing. There is a lot going on here, and while I find that I really like it, it seems like it's one of those records that you need to listen to twenty or thirty times before it really starts to hook you. I can see this as a record that could easily get shelved, and when it gets dusted off years from know, it flat out punches you in the face because you just didn't realize it's full potential when you initially heard it. I'm going to be sitting this one for a while to see if it truly is a grower.

While Failed Entertainment was released through Run For Cover Records, the Coke bottle clear colored vinyl was exclusive to Triple B and limited to 300.

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mcs said...

Been listening to this on and off for a few weeks. I think my overall assessment is that its good, but not great. I quite enjoy it when i listen to it, but I don't sit around thinking 'I can't wait to listen to that Fury record'.