Sunday, August 28, 2016

In For The Kill

Organizing my record shelves a couple of months ago brought my focus around to the early 70's. I spent a bunch of time obsessing over some holes in my collection from that time period, and while I still had a long way to go, my attention eventually got pulled in other directions after picking up a record or three.

When I was picking up the first record from The Clash recently, since the seller was from the UK, I decided to see what else was available. Hey, when I'm paying overseas shipping, I might as well make it worth my while, right?

Seeing that the seller had a Budgie record available, it pulled me back to that early 70's frame of mind. Last year I started my Budgie vinyl collection with Bandolier, and it seemed like a great time to finally cross another one off my list.

Man, whenever I listen to a Budgie record, it immediately puts me in the mood to queue up another. This band is so damn good...and underrated classic.

While it certainly didn't break the bank, this piece of vinyl is my most expensive record from '74...and was worth every British pound that I paid.

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