Friday, July 24, 2015

Breaking All The House Rules

In my head, I have a list of record collections that I want to tackle. Some of them, like the Megaforce silver labels or Black Sabbath UK Vertigo pressings, are works in progress...others have started to take root with a few pieces of vinyl, like UK Vertigo pressings for Thin Lizzy, or UK Neat pressings...while others, like the green Combat labels, are just waiting to get started.

Also on the list of things that I want to focus on are the Bronze pressings for Motorhead, and UK pressings for the Budgie albums. When my friend Jeff quickly grabbed a few of the Motorhead records for himself, I felt like I needed to compete and go in a different direction, and immediately jumped to see what I could find for Budgie vinyl.

Since the first Budgie album that I ever listened to was the Bandolier LP, when I first discovered them back in 2007, it made sense to me that it be the first one that I picked up on vinyl.

I was initially hesitant to buy records through the discogs marketplace, but more and more I'm finding that is the place I check for used vinyl, and overall, the experience has been great.

This album rules so much, and I've been listening to it every other day for the past three or four months. Such an underrated classic, and Budgie is slowly climbing my list of all-time favorite bands.

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