Thursday, December 10, 2015

There's No Justice

A couple of years back, Blind Justice surprised the hell out of me with their Mischief 7 inch. I loved the record so much that, in a strong year of Hardcore releases, it managed to grab a spot in my Top 10 for 2013.

I've obviously been more focused on Metal this year, yet when I saw pre-orders go up for the new Blind Justice LP over at Mass Movement, I felt that old Hardcore excitement stir a little bit deep inside of me.

Of course this was back in August. By the time the record arrived in my mailbox three and a half months later, I was just happy to have received it. I guess I'm out of the routine of waiting that long for pre-orders to ship, and I was starting to feel like the label had lost my order. I'm glad it arrived though, because this is a solid know, for a Hardcore band.

I do love the packaging on this record. That cover art, and the record label named Mass Movement, sure gives it a strong Underdog look...even if Blind Justice don't try to copy the band on musical style.

200 pressed on teal colored vinyl.

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