Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sucker For The Clutch

Clutch released one of my favorite records for 2013 with Earth Rocker. I played the shit out of that record, so there was no doubt that the band's new album was going to be one of my most anticipated releases this year.

Earth Rocker was such a great album from start to finish, in the back of my mind, I wondered if Clutch would be able to come close to matching it with Psychic Warfare. It was a pretty tall order, but as soon as I checked the first single for X-Ray Visions, I knew that Clutch would deliver. This band is consistently great, and many of these songs send the album screaming up my Best of 2015 list.

While the album was officially released in October, it took until December for the vinyl to finally show up. Week after week, pressing plant delays kept the vinyl from hitting the shelves. I'm pretty sure that it is Record Store Day's fault.

Limited to 1,500 on white vinyl for independent record stores.


mcs said...

Your Clutch posts every so often are starting to have an effect. I'm beginning to think I should try to listen to them again. This one looks acceptable though. I'm making this judgement based on the cover. The last one was, er... what's a word for really awful?

Mike said...

The last one had a terrible title, with an odd looking cover...but the songs were strong as hell.