Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Enforcer Live

In a couple of weeks, I should be making a roadtrip to see Enforcer play live. They are one of my favorite newer Metal bands, so I'm pretty excited to see them play. As a little taste of what's to come, I figured that I'd grab the new live album.

Let's not go cheap though, might as well dive in head first with the limited box set edition.

If this album is an accurate representation of what Enforcer can deliver live, that show in January is going to be a blast. So many fist-in-the-air anthems.

Blue colored vinyl is limited to the box set.

One of the big reasons that I was drawn to the box set edition of Live By Fire, was the exclusive 10 inch. What was I supposed to do, just get the regular vinyl pressing, and miss out on these three new songs? Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense.

Enforcer deliver once again. Heavy Metal...loud and proud.

In addition to the vinyl, this box set also includes a huge poster, a booklet with tons of photos spanning Enforcer's career, a hand numbered certificate, CD that includes a few extra songs that couldn't fit onto the vinyl pressing, plus a DVD of a show from Japan. Solid.

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