Monday, December 28, 2015

No Cross Left Unturned

I've never been a big fan of Death fact the DM surge around 89/90 with bands like Obituary and Deicide, is what turned me off of Metal at the time, and helped push me towards Hardcore. Recently, however, I've started to feel an attraction to the genre. I'm not compelled to listen to it in large doses, but man, sometimes I want something ugly. Death Metal provides that fix.

On a whim, I checked out the Raging Death album from Entrails late last year. I enjoyed it, but I didn't really spend my time with it, as other records were commanding my attention. When I discovered that Entrails were releasing a new album this year, I dove in head first with Obliteration.

While it isn't going to come close to my Top 10 for the year, this album was a blast to rip times reminding me of those Black Breath albums I loved a few years ago. This is an absolute rager, and has me growling along to the lyrics and banging my head like a nut.

Murder, my only urge is to murder.
I feel empty without murder.
It makes my life complete.
I am the epitome of death.

Goddamn right. That's my jam.

This second picture doesn't really capture the true color of the vinyl, like the first one posted here. 200 pressed on "translucent red" colored vinyl, that was exclusive to Nuclear Blast Germany.

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J@screamingforrecords said...

I'm not a massive fan of death metal either bar a few bands that are a bit more creative within the genre, your mention of Black Breath has me intrigued though - will check out