Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scream For A Dischord Reissue

For some reason, there is something less offensive about a Dischord reissue, compared to a Revelation reissue. Maybe it is because there is a large portion of the Dischord library that I don't give a shit about, so I don't have to worry about falling into a bottomless hole, like I do with REV. Whatever the reason is, when I saw this new pressing of the first Scream LP, I had no problems buying myself a copy.

I've never owned Still Screaming on vinyl, and with this new reissue staring me in the face, it just seemed logical to finally grab a copy for the collection.

Honestly, I've never really cared about Scream. I bought the Still Screaming/This Side Up CD about 10 years ago, and probably only listened to it a handful of times. It never clicked with me, and I think it was because the disc closes with the This Side Up songs...and they kind of bore me. By the time the CD would end, I'd just toss it back on the shelf to be ignored for another couple of years.

Earlier this year, I decided to take smaller bites, and I just added the Still Screaming songs to my ipod, and I was surprised at how great they were. Just what you'd expect from Dischord in 1982.

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chris said...

I must have missed this somehow. Now I need to get this. Thanks.