Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Clear Praise For React

Hey, remember when I used to post about Hardcore records? Those were good times, weren't they? While I may be in the middle of my biggest Metal kicks since I was 19 years old, my one Hardcore constant is React! Records. I still love that label, and they consistently put out the best shit. Such is the case with the new Praise album.

Praise started out a decent Hardcore band a few years ago when Aram released their first 7 inch back in 2010. I dug it, but it didn't really blow me, I figured that they were going to end up being a short lived deal, allowing front man, Andy Norton the chance to get some stuff off his chest. I was surprised, and really impressed with the 2 song follow up a year later, but again, I didn't expect to hear much more from the band. Three years later, Praise gives us Lights Went Out, and I'm goddamned impressed.

There are times when the songs have a strong Embrace feel, and other times when I'll listen to Andy's voice, and think "Damn, he reminds me of Hoodrack from Stick Together". Such a great blend of styles.

Great layout and design.

150 on green, 350 on blue, and 435 on black. My preorder package also came with a giant poster and cool little zine called Wig Out At Kinkos, that kind of documents the Praise history.

Keep It Clear were a Straight Edge band out of Vancouver a few years ago. They released a great demo and a 7 inch, and then disappeared. Apparently the band is back together, so React! decided to press their past recorded material onto a 12 inch, to remind people how great this band is.

I'm not sure what it is about this back cover, but it really reminds me of No For An Answer. Very cool.

100 on "smoke" colored vinyl, 350 on maroon (although mine looks more like a brownish red), and 500 black.

The promo sticker on the plastic sleeve is a new addition from React!, and looks nice with the stark black and white design of the Keep It Clear cover.

As I started pulling the vinyl out to examine the packaging for this latest React! preorder, I was disappointed to find that the corner on every single one of these was crushed. Heartbreaking. Got to see if I can get these replaced.

React! Records is cursed. They saw delay after delay from the pressing plants for these new albums, and preorders from February finally saw the light of day four months later. Some people get really uptight about this kind of, not so much. Ev and the React! crew are solid, and I know they are doing all they can, and that I'll get 'em when I get 'em. Much respect.


mcs said...

Good photos. I actually ordered these. Still don't have 'em though. But I did get an email from the label a couple of weeks ago to say that the KIC on 'smoke' had sun out so they refunded me $11. Bummer.

Ev said...

Bummer about the crushed corners, Mike. I'll send some new ones ASAP.

Thanks, as always, for supporting the label!


Unknown said...

still waiting for my Praise record and shirt =(