Sunday, July 27, 2014

REV Reissues: Black And White Cover Edition

There was a time when REV reissue posts were fun and exciting. These days, who gives a shit? Really. Does anyone get a charge out of these anymore?

I don't even pay much attention to the reissues anymore. I'll pick something up if the mood strikes me, but I'm not going out of my way for this shit anymore. It just so happens that the latest order of reissues all had black and white covers...

There are a handful of reissues that I can't walk away from. Youth of Today are one of them. I'm missing so many of the YOT original pressings, yet, I step up every time and order the reissues.

550 pressed on white vinyl.

This marks my fifth copy of Can't Close My Eyes since REV started pumping these out in 2011...and yet, these reissues are the only copies in my collection. Sigh.

549 pressed on blue vinyl.

Well, this was a nice surprise. Good to see the No For An Answer finally get a vinyl repress. Judging from the REV pressing info, it looks like it hasn't seen a vinyl pressing since the youth crew revival of '97. I don't own a single copy of this on vinyl, so buying this was a no brainer.

548 pressed on yellow vinyl.


Willem RWHAF said...

Just say no to Rev represses...

Mike said...

ha ha ha...that would have made a great title for this post, Willem!

Willem RWHAF said...

I'm glad you get the joke/pun