Thursday, August 09, 2018

Youngblood Final Pressing

The past couple of years have seen me cutting way back on buying multiple pressings for new Hardcore records. This year though...those old habits are sneaking back in every now and then. One of the labels that I'm still a sucker for is Youngblood, and when they posted some "final pressings" for a couple of their releases, I was adding them to my cart like an addict having a relapse.

The 7 inch that Youngblood released a few years ago from Disengage is great. The damn thing is only 5 minutes long, but it is still pure Hardcore fury. I had no problem adding another copy to the collection.

120 pressed on black vinyl with this special cover.

On paper, I absolutely love No Tolerance. They play fast and angry, and are unapologetically straight edge...everything that I look for in a Hardcore band as I celebrate my 48th birthday. Still, I find that I just never really reach for their records, and I'm not sure why that is. Someone needs to reach out to me weekly with a reminder that says "Listen To More No Tolerance".

150 pressed on clear vinyl with hand stamped labels.

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